Commissioner Torben Eliasen

Since 1983 I’ve been a Salvation Army officer where by God’s grace I’ve had the opportunity to serve in pastoral, administrative and leadership positions in South America, Europe and Africa. At present I have the privilege of being the Army leader for Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador.


In my private life God has blessed me with a precious wife, two beautiful daughters and five very naughty grandchildren. They are my source of endless love and inspiration which the Lord has used to sustain me throughout the years.

The multiple experiences that God has allowed me to live in officership have been so enriching that it would be selfish of me to keep it to myself and not to share it with others.


That is why every Monday I publish a short text about a current subject looked from the acquired pastoral experienced. My hope is to share how Jesus Christ can help us face the modern challenges of today.


What can I do for you is to share my experiences through the blogs, answer your comments as you make them, and weekly pray for you. I promise  to do it with respect, honesty and punctuality.