January 6, 2020

My family makes fun of me because when I walk or stand, I keep my left arm and hand pointing down towards the ground, keeping my index finger pointing the pavement and the middle, ring and pinky fingers bent towards the palm of my hand. Literally as...

August 19, 2019

Once again playing in the movies is “Aladdin” the film produced by the Walt Disney studios who once more went to one of the most famous stories from the eastern tale “Arabian Nights” in search for the plot to be reedited.

The story tells about a poor...

July 1, 2019

Being a Salvation Army leader, it is common for me to have to speak at the officers’ funerals bringing a biblical reflection related to the occasion. I face this task with great respect and consider it a tremendous honor, privilege and pleasure. Afte...

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Commissioner Torben Eliasen

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About me

Since 1983 I’ve been a Salvation Army officer where by God’s grace I’ve had the opportunity to serve in pastoral, administrative and leadership positions in South America, Europe and Africa.